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We offer free pest control inspections in Las Vegas, so if you think that you’re now living alongside bed bugs, mice or other creepy crawlies, give us a call and we’ll send a pest inspector to your residence or business to identify what has moved in with you. In addition to serving the greater Las Vegas area, we also provide extermination services for residents who live in North Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson. Satisfying our customers is our number one priority. Because it is, your first general pest control service is just $19, making peace of mind affordable.

What is Modern Effective Extermination

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For dependable pest control and extermination solutions, it’s not just about “spraying and praying” as some people say, but, in fact, there is a lot of science behind pest control. Integrated Pest Management or IPM is a standard when controlling pests in and around homes or commercial properties. There are many ways to control pests, some are standard and others are extremely specific to the problem. Las Vegas has many unique pests and insects and nearly all require a specialized treatment in order to be effective. BnG services, backpack sprays, power sprays and even termite pre-treats require different equipment and are meant to treat a different way.

With our service, your pest control problems disappear guaranteed! With our signature Safer Barrier Technology, we apply a 6-foot barrier around your home. This is one of your first line of protection when it comes to keeping pests out. Call now and let us explain how our Denver or Las Vegas pest control service works and how we can keep you protected. Guaranteed.

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Safety is always a major concern with effective extermination. We should be comfortable in our homes, allowing our children to play without worry. The last thing any parent wants is to have to rush your baby to the hospital because of a scorpion sting or spider bite. We only apply Pet and Human-friendly products. This means if we spray something in your house, be sure we have used it and trust it for our own homes. Our technicians are licensed and continue education to stay up to date on the solutions and products that we use and how they affect our environment and surroundings.

Experiencing Bed Bug Problems?



Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite! If you are getting itchy and think you may have invited some unwanted friends into your home, call our Las Vegas pest control team and let us evict them!


Need Cockroach Extermination?



Call us and experience Las Vegas pest control you can count on. Let’s face it. You can’t keep your home 100% clean 24 hours a day. Food, drinks, and even plain old water can attract cockroaches.


Find a Scorpion?



Scorpions! An extremely dangerous pest that you do not want to have an issue with. We specialize in Scorpions and keep them out when you don’t want them in!





There has been an explosion of infestations lately in Las Vegas, almost to the point of epidemic. If you have bed bug problems, call 702-518-2580 or complete the form above for your free bed bug inspection.

Pigeon Headaches?


If you are tired of having pigeons hanging around your home, we offer a bait & trap program to help get rid of them.


Experiencing Rat Trouble?



Early detection and prevention is key for rat extermination. If you want to get rid of your rodent problem and keep them away then it is important to act quickly.


Have a Termite Nightmare?



We specialize in termite treatment and VA-FHA termite inspections. Trusted termite professionals you can rely on to quickly protect your investment.



Cockroach Elimination Experts

German Cockroach Extermination

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Our certified pest control technicians are fully capable when it comes to Commercial Pest Control Service and keeping your business safe from cockroaches, termites, and other pests. When it comes to your business, inspections, and communication is the number one priority on our list of to-dos. Without a thorough inspection, we can’t understand how to treat your property. If we miss one little thing, It becomes one giant problem for you. We want to catch everything so your business doesn’t suffer. We have tools that allow Las Vegas pest control and your company to be able to communicate issues or areas of concern without you the customer even being on site. This ensures that the most effective pest management strategy is being performed at each point of service.


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KARYN G., Las Vegas

We called yesterday and spoke with Dustin who was very professional and friendly. We had John, his partner out this AM ( came right on time within window of 2 hrs given) and was sooooo great!

5 of 5 Stars – Yelp

CHRISTY M., Las Vegas

These guys are great! Very professional and very Knowledgeable. I called them this morning because I saw a few scorpions in the backyard last night and wanted to start treatment ASAP!

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