MUST SEE: Which Las Vegas Area Restaurants Are Overrun with German Cockroaches?

For Las Vegas residents, cockroaches, specifically German Cockroaches, are thriving across the valley and making their way into homes. But now, we are seeing a massive cockroach invasion into local Las Vegas eateries. So far, 2017 has seen confirmed closings of more than a dozen local restaurants due to multi-generational German cockroach infestations.

It seems like we are hearing about some restaurant closing its doors due to filthy roaches invading the kitchen every week. Multi-generational cockroach infestations mean that the cockroaches have completed the gestation period and are now adults. Well, gestation periods for German cockroaches are typically four to six weeks. So if it is a multi-generational infestation, that would mean that these restaurants have had full blown infestations for months. Let me say that again. The local Las Vegas restaurants that we are talking about have been serving food to their customers prepared in an area overrun by filthy, bacteria-ridden roaches for MONTHS. Over the course of a couple months, a restaurant can serve literally thousands of guests.

Just let that sink in.

We will not list the names of these businesses because many have struggled to reopen and have taken massive efforts to eliminate the German cockroach infestation. We will though provide links that will give you the names of the restaurants, if you so desire The fact that cockroaches are discovered in Las Vegas area restaurants is no surprise. What is startling though, is the number of restaurants that allow cockroach problems to persist for months without contacting a professional commercial cockroach exterminator.

Why Are Cockroaches Infesting Local Las Vegas Restaurants?

So why would a restaurant owner or manager do this? Simple. Money. Commercial German cockroach treatment is not cheap, with the average treatment ranging anywhere from $500 to a couple thousand dollars. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it is better to spend the money with a professional and keep your doors open and your employees working, or, Dirty Dining shows up with the Health Department and you end up on the news.

It should be noted that commercial cockroach treatment alone won’t keep your favorite neighborhood lunch spot from having roaches. Effective pest control requires a battle on all fronts. The use of commercial pesticides alone won’t do it. It requires vigilance by employees, monitoring of kitchen cleanliness and the cooperation of all staff members.

Bottom line, the restaurant owners have to care. From the perspective of this pest control professional, it’s pretty obvious some just don’t. Before trying a new local restaurant, due yourself the service of giving a quick Google search to the place in question. Your health will thank you.

Videos courtesy of KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas “Dirty Dining”