The Elusive Bark Scorpion in Las Vegas


Residents of certain areas of Las Vegas have never seen a live scorpion on or around their home. But if you live in southwest Las Vegas or the Red Rock area, you may be more than tired of seeing them.

In our experience, scorpion pest control is an ever changing with different temperaments and different ecosystems.  Sometimes this can mean different areas of Las Vegas are affected by different pest control treatments. There are about 25 species of scorpions in Nevada, but the Arizona bark scorpion is the most venomous in North America and a common pest in the Las Vegas Valley.

The beautiful southern Nevada landscape is a perfect home for the Bark Scorpion with many places to hide to escape the scorching desert heat and harsh elements.

Scorpions are naturally nocturnal creatures which can make them especially hard to find. The team at Red Rock Pest Control regularly performs black light hunts for scorpions at local Las Vegas homes. The ultraviolet light will make them glow. Pretty interesting stuff.

Scorpions are not considered deadly unless there is an allergic reaction. As with any venous creature, there is more risk for children, pets and the elderly.  Scorpion stings can be excruciatingly painful, feeling like a hornet or wasp sting. Immediate symptoms can include nausea, dizziness swelling, shortness of breath and a generally horrible experience.

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