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Let our trained scorpion pest control technicians provide a safe and healthy scorpion pest control solution for you and your family. Red Rock Pest Control experts are committed to delivering safe removal and extermination of Las Vegas scorpions, with the safety of children and pets in mind. We strive to provide quality local pest control services for your home or business by using the latest products and solutions, all at affordable rates.

Because scorpions are nocturnal, they tend to be most active at night. If you spot one or two scorpions, the chance of infestation is very high. They tend to be attracted to food sources like crickets roaches and even sometimes other scorpions. Water is also a must for a scorpion. A leaky hose or even a puddle of water from the landscaping can draw Scorpions from your neighbor’s house over to yours. Surprisingly, scorpions can live for months without food as long as a water source is present. This is a scary thought when children or elderly are present in a home with a scorpion infestation. Scorpions need to retain moisture in the Las Vegas heat so they typically seek shelter under rocks, concrete or the cracks of block wall fences. During the afternoon they may attempt to enter your home through cracks and crevices, and will often be found in loose bedding, clothing, or shoes.


Utilizing black-light hunting, our pest control technicians will locate and treat any scorpion infestation efficiently and safely. Our service professionals are highly trained in locating scorpions or scorpion infestations and we tailor our pest control service to your home or business. We train our pest control technicians to completely customize your scorpion extermination service. We use inspection and control techniques to target scorpions at their source, where they nest and breed.

Red Rock Pest Control is your go-to company for scorpion pest control in Las Vegas and throughout the Vegas Valley. Scorpions are a difficult pest to control. Red Rock Pest Control uses our safer barrier technology approach that is designed to treat the areas that scorpions nest and hide. If, after your initial service, you find an occasional scorpion, we will revisit and retreat your home at no additional charge. Contact us to schedule an inspection or with any questions regarding our service.

Effective Scorpion Pest Control

Keeping different pests out of our homes is something that is important to most homeowners. The last thing that you want is to have some creep crawly sneaking up on you in the middle of the night. One type of pest that you may want to ensure does not come into your home is the scorpion. Unfortunately, our great city of Las Vegas is home to many scorpions who do not mind making their way into your home or on your property.

Scorpions are a scary looking pest, and there are many people who are afraid of them. For the most scorpions eat insects, but some large scorpions will eat lizards. There are about 2,000 species of scorpions, but about 30 of them have venom that is strong enough to kill a human being. Kind of a scary thought.

Red Rock Pest Control is all about inspections. This is most important. It is vital to get an idea of how bad the problem is. This way we can determine the best course of action to take in controlling the scorpions on your property. After the inspection, we like to start with a good power spraying of your home. A  good 6 foot Safer barrier around your home will be a good defense to scorpions. Followed up by a perimeter spraying along with treating landscaping. It is important to get the food source of scorpions under control to help with ridding the scorpions off your property completely. Pest control inspections go along way and why we push for them to determine the best pest control service possible here in las vegas.

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It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…


We called yesterday and spoke with Dustin who was very professional and friendly. We had John, his partner out this AM ( came right on time within window of 2 hrs given) and was sooooo great! He explained what the process was and why as well as answered all our questions! He even helped roll out 4 long rolls of carpet ( not installed yet in our new home) to spray them preventatively! He was very professional and friendly as well! He will be back out in a month so we will see how the spray works… But so far the service has been excellent! Thank u John & Dustin!


These guys are great! Very professional and very Knowledgeable. I called them this morning because I saw a few scorpions in the backyard last night and wanted to start treatment ASAP! They were out here this evening and sprayed the entire perimeter of the house. They go over everything that they’re doing and answer any questions or concerns you may have. This company is best! Proud to say that I am now a customer with them.

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