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Five Crazy Facts About Roaches

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With all that being said, it is highly recommended that if you are experiencing a problem here in Las Vegas, contact a professional cockroach exterminator immediately. Many DIY cockroach control methods and over the counter roach baits are not effective due to the cockroach’s ability to adapt quickly and develop resistance to modern pesticides. Our certified Las Vegas German cockroach control technicians offer completely free pest inspections. Ask us how you can save $100 on your German cockroach extermination service.

Have A Roach Problem? Must Know Facts About German Cockroach Control

Amazingly, there are over three thousand cockroach species around the world. Here in Las Vegas, we prominently see German roaches, American cockroaches and Oriental roaches. The pest elimination options for each roach is different with German cockroaches being the most difficult to exterminate. If you are unsure what type o cockroach you are dealing with, contact Red Rock Pest Control of Las Vegas  and speak with one of our cockroach control technicians.

German Cockroaches Take Over Las Vegas, NV

The most common cockroach issue experienced by Las Vegas residents is undoubtedly the German roach. German cockroaches very quickly spread eggs and can reach adulthood within one month, so they spread amazingly fast. The number of recently reported cockroach infestations in Las Vegas has grown dramatically. They are also fast-moving insects so they can spread eggs, bacteria and viruses around your home very quickly. German cockroaches are typically a ½ inch in length and are brown or tan in color. Although they possess wings, they are not functional and cannot fly. Thank goodness.  Very similar to Asian roaches, German cockroaches have two stripes that run down the length of their body. So what can you do to prevent a cockroach infestation? We’ll give you some tips that you can quickly and easily implement to keep your home cockroach free and prevent the likelihood of infestation.

How Do German Cockroaches Spread So Quickly?

There are many reasons as to why cockroaches spread so quickly to the point of infestation. For one, since the end of DDT usage in the 1950s, cockroaches have developed an immunity to many pesticides. Pest control experts must remain on their toes to combat the ever-growing cockroach problem through constant improvement of cockroach pesticides and control methods. Most roach exterminators today utilize Integrated Pest Management solutions, which is a multifaceted approach to pest elimination. German cockroaches have an extremely short life cycle, growing from egg to adult in as short as 40 days. They have very few natural predators so they can quickly infest an area if unchecked.

How to Eliminate Potential Cockroach Food Sources

Cockroaches are attracted to food and water sources. Their favorite food sources are starches, sugars and any other fatty foods. If food sources are in short supply, they have been known to cannibalize each other. Keep counter tops clean from food particles and dry from excess water. Clean and empty trash cans and waste receptacles. They are very capable of spreading quickly and creating a large population within a matter of weeks. They are difficult to exterminate due to their short life cycle, and only a few eggs can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation f unchecked. Contact Red Rock Pest Control of Las Vegas to schedule your free cockroach pest inspection. Save $100 today on your German cockroach treatment.


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I can’t say enough about Red Rock. They have been amazing. They had to come back out after our first roach treatment o do a followup which I guess is normal. Absolutely fantastic service. Roaches are the worst but Dustin and Jeff are great.

Are German Cockroaches Indestructible?

Unbelievable Facts About Roaches

Six Mind Blowing Facts About Cockroaches
• Roaches are the Michael Phelps of the insect world.
They can hold their breath for up to a half hour and are adept swimmers. They naturally hold their breath to retain body fluids.
• Cockroaches, over millennia, have developed the ability to survive weeks without food.
Water is the Achilles heal of the roach though and they can only survive one week. Eliminate water sources or standing water and you are on your way to eliminate cockroaches. German cockroaches gravitate to kitchens in residential homes because of the ready availability of water.
• Cockroaches are beyond ancient.
Unbelievably, cockroaches are thought to have inhabited the Earth for well over 300 million years. That makes them older than the dinosaurs and also means they have survived all major extinction events including comet and asteroid strikes as well as the Ice Ages. Arguably, cockroaches are the “toughest” or most resilient creature on the planet. Hopefully this fact will give you a little more respect for the cockroach exterminator that successfully eliminates these nearly indestructible pests.
• They are perfect invaders.
Cockroaches have flexible bodies and they can contort their exoskeletons so that they are able to squeeze into crawl spaces less than a quarter of their body size.
• They have speed comparable to comic book superheroes.
If we were to scale a cockroaches’ speed to human scales, they can sprint for long distances at what would amount to nearly 200 miles per hour!!!!! That would be equivalent to some of the fastest sports cars on Earth.
• Cockroaches are garbage disposals.
Cockroaches will eat nearly anything. From glue to rubber sealants, they will consume anything that contains some form of sugar. Basically, cockroaches have an infinite supply of food sources. Under certain conditions they will even eat each other.


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