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Do You Have Bed Bugs? Are You Uncertain? Get A Professional.


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Need A Bed Bug Inspection?

Don’t guess about pests. Red Rock Pest Control in Las Vegas is your go-to bed bug inspections team. Our team of certified bedbug removal technicians will employ the most up-to-date, effective and safe methods of treatment . All of the techniques and products we use are tested pest and human-friendly, so you can rest easy that your home is safe and protected.

How Our Bed Bug Removal Process Works

Our technicians will come out for your scheduled free bed bug inspection and thoroughly inspect your home. People would be surprised as to the number of bed bug infestations in Las Vegas we encounter in all kinds of environments and neighborhoods. Bed bugs have invaded every nook and cranny of Las Vegas, all the way from Henderson to Summerlin and everywhere in between. The best bed bug inspectors know what to look for to give you an answer you can be certain of. We will look around bedding and mattresses, check under and on the crevices of furniture and inspect all of the known locations we would find live bed bugs or their skins.

Our technician will then remove live bed bugs and apply safe and effective solutions to the infested areas. The bed bug treatment we typically use is designed to eliminate adult bed bugs as well as nymphs, or eggs.

Do You Have Bed Bugs?

If you have any questions as to whether you have bed bugs, please call us to schedule your bed bug inspection.
We offer free inspections if you live in the Las Vegas area. If there are signs you may have bed bugs, snap a picture with your cellphone and send it to us. We’ll help you identify it immediately or we will schedule a time to come to your home for a completely free inspection.

  • Look for shells, skins or other dead bed bug carcasses around corners of mattresses and bedding.
  • Look for bed bug fecal stains or blood stains. Bed bugs leave evidence of blood meals by leaving fecal matter or blood stains from feeding on sleeping humans.
  • Still unsure? Call a certified technician at Red Rock Pest Control or click here to schedule your free bed bug inspection.

Commercial Bed Bug Removal & Inspection

Need proven commercial bed bug treatment or an inspection? Our team of highly trained technicians will help you to rest easy that your business or property is safe and sound. From apartment complexes to hotels, our technicians are top rated. Schedule your commercial bed bug inspection today


It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…


We had an idea that we might have bed bugs when our child came home from a friends house and we began seeing signs a week later. The problem got worse and we tried a few DIY bed bug treatment ideas, but nothing worked. We called Red Rock and spoke to Dustin who scheduled our free inspection. Our technician, Jeff, was phenominal. He explained that bed bugs can happen to anyone. After his service we are back to good. Thanks guys!


Super good job guys! Just the idea of having bed bugs gives me the creeps. Much less the actual experience.
These guys did such an amazing job I can’t explain how great it was to know that we were in good hands.

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