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Pigeon Removal & Exclusion Services

Pigeons and the persistent issues they give local Las Vegas home and business owners has grown to a point here in the Valley that many people have told us that they were shocked that they had to contact a pigeon removal professional. What had started as just a few birds nesting on the roof can quickly turn in to a major issue. Many local area businesses have experienced the same problems with the birds becoming an incredible nuisance very quickly to patrons and guests. For effective pigeon removal, call us. Red Rock Pest Control has over 20 years of local Las Vegas area experience in dealing with pigeons and birds.

Pigeon Exclusion & Pest Management

We specialize in effective pigeon exclusion and pigeon pest management, both residential as well as commercial. The primary goal in most cases is to never harm the birds. Pigeon exclusion as with any exclusion work, is to setup and establish a barrier of protection around your home or commercial property. We offer a large variety of deterrents and solutions based on your personal needs

Families spread around the Las Vegas valley, most notably as of late North Las Vegas, have been experiencing a massive hit of pigeon flocks causing major problems for area residences and businesses. . If you need proof of a local Las Vegas pigeon problem, just look around as you drive to work the next day. You will notice countless pigeons perched on the tops of area restaurants, commercial construction sites and your neighbor’s house. They are literally everywhere out here.

Pigeons Are Here to Stay in Las Vegas

What is important to know about pigeons is that they are a non-migratory bird so once they have found a wonderful place to nest, they are going to get very comfortable quickly in their new home, namely, your home or business. Once they have established a nest, they will gather and increase in numbers and begin reproducing. We regularly collect pigeon eggs from the roofs of local residences who have contacted us about their pigeon problem.

DIY Pigeon Removal Methods Don’t Work

Pigeon removal and bird control can be a challenge without the experience and knowledge of the bird’s habits and patterns. We strongly advice anyone experiencing a pigeon nightmare to contact a local professional pigeon control expert before attempting any control yourself. We have heard of many so-called DIY pigeon control methods such as using scarecrow-like things to scare the birds off and other unsuccessful tactics. Put it in the hands of a pro like Red Rock Pest Control who has the local experience and customer service to handle your problem with a professional smile and effective pest control.


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