2017 Seeing A Rise In Bed Bugs For Las Vegas Families

Speaking on behalf of us over here at Red Rock Pest Control have seen a rise in Las Vegas bed bug treatments so far in 2017, and it is only April. Whether you’ve recently bought a used piece of furniture or maybe your child hung out with a schoolmate, that’s all it can take. Bed bugs are a recognized pest epidemic that has received national coverage, with Las Vegas ranking in the Top 50 Cities plagued by bed bugs.


More Las Vegas Families Are Experiencing Bed Bug Issues

Free Bed Bug InspectionMany families or landlords attempt to rid themselves of bed bugs by applying a treatment themselves that they grabbed at the local Walmart in hopes this will solve the problem. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Bed bugs require numerous effective treatments and an understanding of their life cycle. “I bombed our rooms, bombed the kitchen, bombed this whole house, it still didn’t work.” We hear this often. Our advice is to immediately contact a local Las Vegas exterminator. Let’s explain why.

Bed bugs can be more than a nuisance and embarrassment. They are also carriers of disease and can be very harmful to young children. Pair that with painful bites, lack of sleep and overall stress and it’s easy to see how bed bugs can put someone into a nightmare situation. Not to mention the fact that they like to hitchhike and can easily hitch a ride on clothing and be transmitted to the next unsuspecting family or home.

The life cycle of the bed bug means numerous treatments are required to eradicate them as well as multiple tactics and solutions, known as integrated pest management. What this means is it’s a battle on all fronts. Adult bed bugs can be killed with pesticide or vacuumed up but eggs cannot. In almost all scenarios at least two treatments are required for real success. Bed bug numbers are on the rise sharply after almost being completely eradicated at one point. Like a horror movie monster, they drink the blood of unsuspecting victims while they sleep. Educate yourself on bed bugs even if you simply call a professional and ask questions, the more you know the better and the less surprises. Search Google Images learn what bed bug bites look like.

Schedule Your Free Bed Bug Inspection

If you are unsure you can always contact a professional pest control technician. We off free bed bug inspections and are happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. Let a professional like Red Rock Pest Control handle it for you and schedule your free inspection by calling 702-518-2580.