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The Value of Professional Rodent Pest Control

Issues with rats and mice on your property can be detrimental. They can lead to serious hygiene and sanitation problems. They can also in many cases affect human health negatively. That’s why it’s so critical to invest in proper professional rodent control. Don’t attempt to take care of a mouse or rat problem on your property all by yourself. Extermination is a big project that calls for the insight, experience and expertise of capable professionals. Exterminators know how to get rid of rodents safely. They know how to stop rodents from emerging again at later times, too. If you want to free yourself of a rodent burden, professional assistance is always the best choice.

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Red Rock Pest Control is a highly regarded extermination company that caters to customers located all throughout the beautiful Mile-High City. If you want to take care of a problem with rats or mice in Denver, all you have to do is let our company know. Rodent extermination is just one of our many diverse areas of expertise. We also assist customers who have problems with scorpions, bed bugs, ants, roaches, spiders and termites. Don’t let a rat or mouse issue interfere with your comfort and ease at home. Call Red Rock Pest Control as soon as possible to learn more about our exhaustive and comprehensive rodent control techniques. Phone us today to get a free inspection.

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Effective Rodent Control in Denver, Colorado

Red Rock Pest Control and High-Quality Rodent Solutions

Rodents are never a welcome sight on any property. It can be unsettling to have suspicions about rodent infestations. Who wants to hear mice scurrying about late at night? Who wants to see icky mouse droppings inside of their kitchen cabinets? If you have a rodent problem in the Denver, Colorado region, you have no reason to lose your cool. Red Rock Pest Control is available to provide you with the finest and most in-depth rodent extermination service in the entire city. If you want to eighty-six the rat problem on your property, you can rely on our team every single step of the way.

Mouse Infestation Signs

A mouse  or rodent infestation can lead to all sorts of clear signs and clues. Do you hear odd scratching sounds coming from between your walls late at night? If so, a mouse infestation could be the reason. Other signs to look out for are:

  • Inexplicable openings and holes on fabric and clothing in your home.
  • Tiny openings on the lower surfaces of kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  • Bite marks on wooden furnishings, pipes, rugs, carpet and cables.
  • Nests. Indoor nests generally are made up of fibrous matter. Fabric is an example.
  • Oil stains from mouse fur.
Things You Can Look For

Rat Infestation Signs

A rat infestation can be just as noticeable and unpleasant as a mouse one. It can help immensely to be aware of any and all hints that may suggest rat infestations on your property.

  • Droppings. Rat droppings are often deep brown in color. They frequently look like big rice grains.
  • Rubbing marks. If you see rubbing marks that look dirty and oily, a rat infestation could be the cause.
  • Scratching sounds. Be attentive to nighttime scratching sounds. These often suggest rat activity.
  • Nests. These rodents tend to construct their nests in concealed and private places that have warmer temperatures. They frequently employ shredded materials for nest construction purposes. Fabric and newspaper rat nests are both common.
  • An unpleasant smell. Rat urine gives off an intense and musty odor that’s hard to miss. It’s nothing like “normal” pet smells.
  • Chewing marks. These rodents are serious gnawing creatures. They love chewing all sorts of things. Focus on the food items inside of your kitchen cabinets. If you observe any possible chewing marks, a rat infestation could be the reason.

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5 of 5 Stars – Yelp

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I called Red Rock pest control because I found a bed bug in my room! They were recommended by a neighbor in my community. They were fast & very knowledgeable! John came to my home & the service was fantastic.

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