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If you have roaches in your home or business, then you should contact Red Rock Pest Control because we are expanding to the Denver region. Red Rock Pest Control will arrive in Colorado in 2018, making it easier for you to have the best pest control services for cockroach infestations. Cockroaches are an insect that will thrive in many geographic zones, and it is possible to have an infestation in a residential or commercial property. While a cluttered or dirty building is more likely to need frequent cockroach pest control, it is possible to have this nasty insect in a clean business or home.

What Are The Different Types Of Cockroaches?

There are several species of roaches that can invade a building, including:

• Brown-banded cockroaches
• American cockroaches
• German cockroaches
• Oriental cockroaches

German cockroaches are the most common variety of cockroach in Colorado. This insect has a tan to brown body with two dark lines from its head to its wings. While this species of cockroach has wings, it rarely flies. When you contact Red Rock Pest Control, an exterminator can look at the roaches at your property in Denver to determine if you have American or German cockroaches because American cockroaches fly frequently from one location to another.

Cockroaches Contaminate the Surfaces In a Home

Cockroaches are a dirty insect that can carry pathogens from one area to another. When you find one of these insects on your kitchen’s countertops, it may have salmonella on its body that will contaminate surfaces. Cockroaches will consume the foods in your kitchen cupboards or refrigerator, but the insects will also chew on other items such as wallpaper glue, toothpaste or soap.

How Do Cockroach Infestations Occur?

A female cockroach breeds rapidly, and the infant insects grow into adults in less than 60 days. If a building has several female cockroaches, then in only a few weeks, it is possible to have hundreds of the dirty insects. In the beginning, these insects will hide inside the floorboards or walls, but as the cockroaches have less food, the insects will scurry into the areas where you live.

What Happens When an Exterminator Visits Your Property?

If your Denver property has cockroaches, then contact Red Rock Pest Control immediately for assistance. After an exterminator arrives at your property, the expert will inspect the exterior and interior of the building to understand why there are cockroaches. Insects might travel from another building, and if you have a crumbling foundation along with holes in a building’s siding, then you are more likely to have an infestation of cockroaches. Additional problems that might attract insects include leaking water pipes or an overgrowth of vegetation outside a building.

Using Bait Traps To Eliminate Filthy Cockroach Infestations

An exterminator will offer a cockroach pest control plan that includes setting bait traps and fixing the problems that attract insects. Modern bait traps have pesticides that will transfer chemicals to a cockroach. After the cockroach leaves the bait trap, it will carry poison back to the other insects. While this method of eliminating cockroaches takes more time than using chemical sprays, it is an effective way to get rid of a large population of insects. In addition, you won’t need to breathe the volatile chemical fumes from insect sprays.

Capture Cockroaches With Safe Sticky Traps

If you are concerned about having cockroaches in certain locations in your home or business, then an exterminator can also place glue or sticky traps in strategic locations. This is an important way to capture the cockroaches that are invading a commercial or residential kitchen. While the bait systems and sticky traps are eliminating the cockroaches in your business or home, you must begin a thorough cleaning process. In addition, seal as many entrances as possible, including the crevices around baseboards and the holes next to utility lines. Call Red Rock Pest Control and schedule your initial service today for only $19. Proudly Serving Denver, Aurora and surrounding areas.


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We called yesterday and spoke with Dustin who was very professional and friendly. We had John, his partner out this AM ( came right on time within window of 2 hrs given) and was sooooo great! He explained what the process was and why as well as answered all our questions! He even helped roll out 4 long rolls of carpet ( not installed yet in our new home) to spray them preventatively! He was very professional and friendly as well! He will be back out in a month so we will see how the spray works… But so far the service has been excellent! Thank u John & Dustin!


These guys are great! Very professional and very Knowledgeable. I called them this morning because I saw a few scorpions in the backyard last night and wanted to start treatment ASAP! They were out here this evening and sprayed the entire perimeter of the house. They go over everything that they’re doing and answer any questions or concerns you may have. This company is best! Proud to say that I am now a customer with them.

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