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Our certified ant control experts utilize safe treatment methods to protect you and your family. Free inspections.


Red Rock Pest Control offers free bed bug inspections and expert bed bug treatment options that are effective & affordable.

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If you are located in Denver and concerned with termites, count on our termite extermination experts to protect your investment.

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Boxelder Bugs are a bit of a nuisance. Safe time and money and let us cure your boxelder bug problem. Your first service is $1.

Denver’s True Safer Barrier Pest Management Service

In the pest management world, these days it’s not just about spraying and praying as people usually say but there is in fact a lot of science behind effective pest management. Integrated pest management or IPM is a standard when controlling pests in and around homes or commercial properties and industrial buildings. There are many ways to control pest on properties but some are standard and some are specific to the problem. Denver has a large diversity in wildlife, insects and animals. Each requires a different treatment. BnG services, back pack sprays, power spray and even termite pretreats require different equipment and are meant to treat a different way. We have the experience and dedication to keep you as a life-long customer of Red Rock Pest Control.

We know that having a pest issue or attempting to prevent one can be nerve racking. If you are a customer of Red Rock Pest Control, if we have to come back and reservice your home because of a persistent pest problem, there is no charge. That is our guarantee to you.


Denver Cockroach Control Experts

German Cockroach Specialists

German cockroaches have taken over North American, including Denver, Colorado. German cockroaches are one of the most resilient breeds of cockroach and we have over 25 years of specialty German cockroach extermination experience.

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Denver has an enormous diversity of pests. With over 25 years of professional extermination experience, you can rely on Red Rock Pest Control to keep your home pest free. We will be offering services to the greater Denver area including Littleton and Aurora beginning in 2018. If you contact us early, your first service is only $1.

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Chrissy M, Denver

We’ve been using Red Rock Pest control for over three months now, and their service has been superior! Everyone that has come to spray has been very helpful and extremely professional!

5 of 5 Stars – Yelp

William T, Aurora

I called Red Rock pest control because I found a bed bug in my room! They were recommended by a neighbor in my community. They were fast & very knowledgeable! John came to my home & the service was fantastic.

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Our Denver Pest Control Team Launches 2018!

2018 is right around the corner. We will be servicing Denver, Aurora, Littleton and surrounding areas. If you call us and signup early, your first service is only $1!

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