Common Household Pest Threats to Our Children and Pets


How You Can Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe from Dangerous Pests

Scorpions, spiders, ants and other harmful pest invaders can terrorize our home and put our children and pets at risk. But you may be surprised as to how these and other common pests, as well as some treatment methods, can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of our little ones, furry or not.

Most everyone here at Red Rock Pest Control is either a parent or pet owner. Part of the responsibility we have as parents is keeping our children and pets safe and healthy, which means we must pay attention to how we handle pest management. A primary concern is minimizing contact with harmful pesticides, while still effectively ridding our home of dangerous bugs, insects or other harmful pests.

When you spot a spider or cockroach, your gut reaction may be to reach for that high-power bug spray, but think before you do. Contact with the spray will more than likely kill the creepy crawlies, but it could also seriously affect the health or your children or pets. Our kids and pest spend time playing or moving around on the floor so they may come into direct contact with whatever chemical you chose to use.  Kids also love to put things in their mouths so we must be extremely careful with the products or solutions we select to keep our home pest free.

Here are 4 proactive pest prevention approaches you can use to keep your family safe and protected.

Ants and Cockroaches

No matter how clean we keep our home, sometimes certain pests like ants or cockroaches will make their way in. Like other pests, both ants and cockroaches enter our home because it is a more hospitable environment than the desert heat and offers potential food and water sources. Ants can cause cases dysentery, small pox and salmonella and cockroaches can carry up to 33 distinct types of harmful bacteria. Make sure to watch or follow the ants or cockroaches to attempt to locate an entry point. Also, look for moisture or potential water sources that may be acting as a magnet to the harmful pests. A water and dish soap solution will kill ants and eliminate any scents or trails left behind for other ants to detect and follow. This is a very temporary solution. Most DIY ant sprays and repellents can cause “budding” where ants separated from the colony will start new colonies.

One of the most dangerous aspects of cockroaches is the fecal matter that they leave behind. As cockroaches scurry around your home or kitchen, they pickup food and waste particles and spread it around your home, effectively making a toxic soup for kids and pets. If the problem is more serious, use enclosed bait stations to keep poisons away from pets and children or contact a local pest control professional.

Mice, Rats and Rodents

Rats can carry an unbelievable arsenal of harmful bacteria and disease. Protect your home from rats and rodents by keeping food waste and scraps to a minimum. Ensure any possible entry points are sealed properly including window seals and around doors and windows. If you know that rats or mice are already in your home, traps are your best solution. Contact a pest control professional or if you choose to place the traps yourself, make sure you do not place the traps within reach of your pets or children.

Bed Bugs

Las Vegas is in the middle of a bed bug nightmare. Bed bugs can spread from one person to another in almost any environment, from school buses to movie theaters. With Las Vegas being a tourist hotspot, bed bugs hitchhike all over the valley and into the homes of unsuspecting families. Almost as much of a nightmare of having bed bugs is getting rid of them. Ridding your home of bed bugs can be expensive and extremely stressful if not done correctly. Bed bugs require a combination of treatment strategies that range from vacuuming and sealing cracks along base boards to discarding heavily infested items like mattresses and box springs. Very few home remedies work, like bombs and sprays that typically act to push the bed bugs into other areas of the home. The absolute best advice we can give you is to contact a pest control professional that specializes in bed bug removal or bed bug heat treatment.

Find the Right Pest Control Service

If you are considering hiring a pest control professional, here are a few tips for making sure you are working with someone that has your family’s safety in mind. Ask questions. If the technician or pest control company seems reluctant to discuss their treatment options or doesn’t seem aware of the potential risks, move on. The safety of your children and pets must remain a top priority during any pesticide application or treatment method. Be sure to discuss specific treatment plans for specific pests such as bed bugs or German cockroaches. Even if a pesticide may be “Pet and Human Friendly”, in the hands of an unlicensed or untrained technician even these treatments can be harmful. If you have any questions about handling a particular pest problem or pet and children safety, feel free to contact us anytime.