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Pest Control Is Who We Are

Red Rock Pest Control is a locally based company that was founded in April of 2015. The two owners came together with backgrounds in business and pest control and decided that a change was needed in the pest control industry. Red Rock Pest Control wanted to be known as a true customer service company. So far the company has accomplished that and doesn’t plan on stopping. Red Rock is dead set on stirring up the industry with its low prices and overly valued service along with 100% customer satisfaction.

Las Vegas is our home and we plan on staying for a while. This means that we want to do anything we can to not only gain and keep your business but to also exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to customer’s service and quality of work. Below we have put together not only a guarantee but a promise to you the customer. If for any reason ever we do not live up to our guarantee and or promise, we will immediately correct the problem. We know that we will never be perfect but we will strive for perfection when it comes to operating and our customers.

Red Rock Pest Control guarantees your satisfaction. This means that at any time you feel we are not meeting your expectations, we will immediately correct the problem.

Red Rocks Promise To You

  • 100% money back guarantee. This means if we cannot correct the issue, you don’t pay again until we do.
  • We will exceed your expectations. If for some reason, we are not living up to what you expect from a professional pest control company we will do everything in our power to immediately correct the problem.
  • If you need us we will be there. If you need an extra service, we will be there within 48 hours of your phone call. We don’t want you living with bugs and if one happens to get in, we want it out. (This excludes Sundays and Holidays)
  • Your Re-Service guarantee. As a customer, you will receive unlimited reservices in between your regular bi-monthly services. (must have a contracted service agreement)
  • Your follow up call. After your Free Re-Service, we want to know how it went. We will give you a courtesy phone to call within a week to see how everything is going and how you are doing.
  • Our Schedule. We try to be available as much as possible. This means that Monday – Saturday we will be at your service between 7 am and 8 pm. When you need us, we will make it happen.
  • Our No Call No Show Policy. If we stand you up, then you don’t pay! It’s that simple. Nothing is more frustrating than being stood up by the bug man. If we don’t show up and you haven’t been previously notified that we won’t be there, your next service is on us. This ensures that we stay on time and you get your house sprayed.
Note: Guarantees are included for all regular customers. Guarantees for Non-Contract services and specialty services may not apply.


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Las Vegas is home to a large amount of pest control companies. With all the competition between companies, this means that a low price service is fairly easy to come by. Unfortunately, the old saying is true ” You get what you pay for “. Lower price service means lower quality service. Companies with low regular service pricing should be checked thoroughly with the Nevada Department of Agriculture for insurance and licensing. Red Rock Pest Control is here to stay. We want to be known as the Las Vegas go to company when it comes to keeping your home or business pest free. For this reason, we use only the highest quality products and exercise our customer service at the highest level we possibly can. The products we use are safe. Not only are they considered pet and human-friendly but all of our technicians are licensed to apply all the products we use for your service.

What Do We Do When We Come To Your Property

First things first! We call on our way out to your home. Nothing is better than a heads up when you are waiting for someone to show up to your house for a service. Most of our customers do not require this because our customers only like the exterior serviced but if you are waiting, we will give you a call. After arriving at your home and speaking with you about your service and getting updated on your properties situation since we have been there last, we start with our inspection and web dusting. Nothing is worse than walking into your front door or your garage after a day out and dodging spider webs. Cleaning up all of the spider webs around your property gives us the opportunity to inspect and see what issues you may be having.

Exterior Pest Control

Once your inspection is complete it’s time to set up your Safer Barrier. Depending on the type of pest issue you are having, your treatment will differ. Normally pest control service starts with a B&G Sprayer. This is a 1-gallon pressurized can that sprays a mist around the outside of the home. At Red Rock Pest Control we don’t do that. We start with our power spray system that places a barrier around the outside of your home. This is a 6-foot barrier designed to keep bugs, even scorpions, from entering your home. Water boxes, windows and even the eves of your home are also treated so that nothing can make it in. Next, we move away from the house into the yard. We treat the landscaping with granules and also if need be around pools or fire pits Etc. Then what most companies don’t like to look at, the perimeter walls. This is actually the most important part of your property to treat. If your neighbors like to host bugs then those bugs will definitely be trying to make their way to your property for a free snack or drink of water. By setting up a barrier in this manner it just means they have one more line of defense they must breakthrough to get into your home.

Interior Pest Control

If service in the interior is needed, we start with a liquid barrier around the baseboards of your home. After this is accomplished we set up traps around pressure points and any areas that pest would use to make their way in. Some of these areas include under sinks around pipes, laundry exhaust areas or even around window sills.

Your Garage

The garage is bug central. Pests love the garage because it is easy for them to get into. Spiders love the garage because they can set up a home and wait for bugs to come in and make them their next meal. For this reason, we like to get into the garage whenever we can to treat. Sticky traps under the door sensors are a must. We change these every chance we come out and after a couple services, you will understand why. The garage can lead to rodent issues also, so it’s best to let the technician in there whenever possible.

After your service, we like to talk about what we did and what we’ve found. Don’t worry if you’re not home, we make notes of your account after each service. Give your Red Rock Customer Service Rep. a call and have her give you and update. Simple as that.

Red Rock Pest Control wants to provide you the best customer service possible. If you need something just ask! We are always willing to work around your schedule or special needs to make our service as accommodating as possible. Give us a call Today.


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